Nov 19, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012 Lila Cherry

Theme: Boomers - A shout out to C.C.'s husband?

20A. One who can talk you to sleep : CRASHING BORE

33A. Audible sign of hunger : RUMBLING STOMACH

41A. Flappers’ decade : ROARING TWENTIES

56A. Weather event where you’d hear the starts of 20-, 33- and 41Across : THUNDER STORM

Argyle here. I was going to link some storm sounds for you to hear here but this is just not the season for thunder storms. Did you know YouTube has a eight hour downloads of storm sounds? East Coasters are probably not ready to hear that right now.

Oh, and the puzzle; it is from Lila Cherry("Really Rich"), a pseudonym of Rich Norris, our editor. He has fit two grid spanners in the center. Some of the fill is ho-hum but there's not a Natick in the bunch.


1. Part of PGA: Abbr. : ASSN. (Professional Golfers' Association)

5. Desert tableland : MESA

9. Character weakness : FLAW

13. Chase away, as a fly : SHOO. Anybody having shoofly pie for Thanksgiving?

14. Plot surprise : TWIST

16. “Queen of Country” McEntire : REBA

17. A psychic may read yours : PALM. No, not your palm tree.

18. Yemen’s capital : SANA'A

19. With 8-Down, really simple : EASY and 8D. See 19-Across : AS ABC

23. Pellet shooter : AIRGUN

24. AFL partner : CIO. (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations)

25. Madrid Mrs. : SRA. (Señora)

28. Tabula __: blank slate : RASA

31. “That’s enough out of you!” : "STOW IT!"

38. Cruising on the briny : ASEA

39. Org. offering motel discounts : AAA. (American Automobile Association, also called "Triple A")

40. Chat room “Here’s what I think ...” : IMHO. (in my humble opinion)

46. Present from birth : INNATE

47. Salinger title teenager : ESME. "For Esmé – with Love and Squalor"

48. Court divider : NET

49. “Criminal Minds” network : CBS. (Columbia Broadcasting System)

51. Bible book of 150 poems : PSALMS

59. It might begin, “Knock knock” : JOKE

62. Word after maternity or shore : LEAVE

63. Prefix with dextrous : AMBI. (ambidextrous: able to use both hands equally well.)

64. Allies’ opponents : AXIS. us/them.

65. City that inspired van Gogh : ARLES. Wheat Fields near Arles.

66. Banister : RAIL

67. Old wives’ tale : MYTH

68. Lions’ homes : DENS. No, it's Detroit; watch 'em play on Thanksgiving.

69. “Bus Stop” dramatist William : INGE


1. Critters’ rights gp. : ASPCA. (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Kill your turkey humanely or have tofurkey.

2. Lewis with Lamb Chop : SHARI. PLEASE, no Lamb Chop for dinner.

3. From the sun : SOLAR

4. Asian menu assurance : [NO MSG]

5. Where Moses received the Commandments: Abbr. : MT. SINAI

6. Actor McGregor : EWAN

7. Croon a tune : SING

9. At no cost : FREE

10. Grazing area : LEA

11. Middle muscles : AB's. (abdominal muscles)

12. Method : WAY

15. Follower of Laotzu : TAOIST. Déjà vu?

21. Throw hard : HURL

22. __-Rooter : ROTO. The company originally specialized in clearing tree roots and other obstructions from sewer lines.

25. Hindu guru : SWAMI

26. Rolling in French euros : RICHE. French for rich, if you couldn't guess.

27. Pal of Porthos : ATHOS. The Three Musketeers (with Aramis)

29. Unexpected problem : SNAG

30. Colorful marble : AGATE

32. Neglect to include : OMIT

33. __ to go: ready for action, in dialect : RARIN'. Rarin' for a big dinner and good football.

34. Me.-to-Fla. highway : U.S. ONE

35. Intended : MEANT

36. Old-time actress Theda : BARA. Don't be late if she's cooking!

37. Tree cutters : SAWS

42. Restless desire : ITCH

43. Cosmic cloud : NEBULA

44. Catherine the Great, to Russia : EMPRESS

45. Eliot of the Untouchables : NESS

50. Wooden Mortimer : SNERD. Déjà vu?

52. Pong producer : ATARI

53. Fictional salesman Willy : LOMAN. (from Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman)

54. Boss, slangily : MR. BIG

55. Photographer’s request : "SMILE"

56. New Age musician John : TESH

57. Chip’s chipmunk pal : DALE

58. Neck and neck : EVEN

59. Traffic trouble : JAM

60. Natural Skin Science company : OXY. A line of acne care products. Web site. I'm not sure the CA company is the same one.

61. First-aid aid : KIT


Notes from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Creature! Long time regulars know how sweet and caring she was when she was active on the blog. I sure miss her warm presence.

I mentioned in one of Splynter's write-ups ( See 20-Across KLU) earlier this month that Creature still solves LAT & reads our blog every day. She wrote a short comment the next day.

I hope you do something special for yourself today, Creature. We all look forward to your return.


fermatprime said...


Nice to see a "Really Rich" again! Easy, fun puzzle! Thanks Rich, Argyle!

Enjoyed the theme!

Happy birthday to you, dear Creature! And many more!


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Today's puzzle is missing from Cruciverb. Again. Sigh.

So, HBTY Creature!

Manac from last night - the cog video sure is impressive. I saw it once before, but didn't remember some of the clever stuff like the crawling windshield wipers.

Cheers all -

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday, Creature)!

Fun puzzle today. Mostly a walk in the park, as befitting a Monday, but a few bumps in the road to keep things interesting.

Barely remembered SANAA and certainly didn't expect to see it on a Monday. In fact, I couldn't see it at first since I had AS PIE instead of AS ABC for 8D to begin with. And OXY was a complete unknown, which is really rare for a Monday. The perps were solid, though, so it ended up just adding a bit of spice to the puzzle instead of causing grief.

Elsewhere, I tried STOP IT instead of STOW IT and GROWLING STOMACH instead of RUMBLING STOMACH, both of which slowed me down a tick before I got things sorted up.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Pretty easy Monday puzzle. A good way to start the short work week.

My only error was to think that a court divider was a Bar and not a NET. I guess I was still in the court room instead of the tennis court.

I climbed MT. SINAI a few years ago. We climbed in the middle of the night so we could see the sun rise. It was beautiful. It took hours to climb down off the mountain, though.

Happy Birthday, Creature. We miss you.

QOD: Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. ~ Peter Drucker (November 19, 1909 ~ November 11, 2005)

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

And Happy Birthday Creature!

WBS regarding the puzzle. But lots of fun for a Monday morning! Have a good one, everybody.

Lemonade714 said...

Well the holiday week has started with an offering from our editor and I feel quite RICHE.
HBDTY Creature, keep in touch

For those who did not read late post, I hope all of the people who read C.C.'s wonderful creation stop by to say hello and give thanks for all she has done. It is good to know all of our group, old and new are well.

grams said...

Fun puzzle. I, too, had stop it at 31a -- didn't know capital of Yemen. How do you pronounce it?

Happy Thanksgiving all!

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

My issues today were the same as Barry & Marti although I suspect it took me a while longer to muddle through.

Happy birthday Creature. I hope all is well.

Have to scoot. Wife's having a "procedure" this AM, so I'm the driver.

Tinbeni said...

Creature: Happy Birthday
The first "toast" at Sunset is to you.
Cheers !!!

TTP said...

Thank you Lila Cherry (:>) and Argyle.

And Happy Birthday to CREATURE !

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all.

No real problems today, except for those I created myself. I thought the Hindu guru was a Hindu garment -- probably because my stomach was GROWLING. Quickly resolved.

While I've been typing this, three deer came right up to our living room window. I think it's a doe with two mostly-grown fawns. At the moment they're enjoying the shrubbery.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Lila Cherry, for a swell Monday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the write-up.

Argyle, how do you know Lila Cherry is Rich Norris?

Puzzle was a snap. Good thing for a Monday. I have a lot to do today.

Theme was easy.

I do belong to AAA. Most of the time when I go to a motel/hotel and ask for the AAA discount they say they already figured it into the rate. So, I just quit trying. Same for AARP.

Lots of crosswordese in this puzzle: REBA, SRA, ASEA, ESME, SHARI, OMIT, NESS, ATARI, LOMAN, etc.

Off to take my blood pressure pill and my eye drops.

See you tomorrow.


Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Pretty easy puzzle. WBS on ABC/PIE and SANA'A.

I liked seeing STOW IT, and was surprised I remembered Willy LOMAN from reading Death of a Salesman back in high school.

Happy birthday to Creature. May you all have a great Monday!

Sfingi said...

Never heard of STOWIT, but, I'm old.

Cute puzzle

I always mix up AA and AAA, but not the batteries.

HeartRx said...

Abejo @ 7:51, if you go to the front page of the blog and scroll down to "Olio" on the right side, you will see a link to Rich Norris's alias names.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Creature. Hope you enjoy today in a special way.

Enjoyed the puzzle and theme. Have seen SANA'A also spelled Sana or San'a. Guess that's a result of transliteration from the Arabic script. I see Lila was able to include RICHE in the mix. Good fast romp, today. No searches needed.

With a by-your-LEAVE, in keeping with today's theme, I offer this QOD:

"A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets" William Tecumseh Sherman

Have a great day.

carol said...

Hi all,
Good stuff for Monday...few glitches but not many. I didn't know 18A (SANAA) and did the same thing as Barry G by putting STOP IT in 31A but then that made 25D a SPAMI. I am not too great with Hindu names, but was fairly certain that was not correct.

Had no idea about 60D OXY but the perps got it for me.

Happy Birthday Creature!! We miss you and your witty comments. Hope all is getting better for you!

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Richie Rich, and Lila Cherry for a nice and easy puzzle. Really, Really enjoyed it.... ( Now, why cant you do like this, for every day, huh ? ).

Thank you Argyle for your most interesting spiel - and especially for the Big Bird link - I was so moved by the tenderness displayed by all the animals - (especially that fox, Shari Lewis, lol ) .... I really 'felt' for Big Bird .... in his(?) honor, I have decided to forego eating turkey this Thanksgiving. Take that, Butterball. ( Henny Penny isn't so lucky .... ).

Happy Birthday, Creature. I really used to enjoy your posts, and we all miss them. We hope you have a great day, and if there is anything bothering you, we hope it will ease up soon, and the Irish sun will be on your back, and lead you to peace, serenity and happiness.

A Guru is a teacher, generally religious, more like a Rabbi - a Swami is sort-of more exalted - like an 'uber' Rabbi. Swami actually means Lord and Master - generally applied to celibate monks, in renunciation. Because of many scandals, over the years, ( shades of PTL ... ) the word 'Swami' can also be a pejorative - unless of course, it is a part of the name of a god. Guru is almost never used as a pejorative, and can also mean an expert in any secular field of the Arts, Philosophy and Sciences etc.

Have a good week, you all and watch your 'weights' ...

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

A fun and easy Monday puzzle ~ zipped through with no real problems. I, too, had a 'Growling' stomach before a RUMBLING one. Also not familiar with SANAA but perps took care of it.

I enjoyed your write-up, Argyle and once again you come up with a great title/theme analysis with the 'Boomer' shout-out - love it!

Wishing you happiness and peace on your birthday, Creature. You're in my thoughts ~ hope you can soon rejoin the group.

Enjoy the day ~~

Husker Gary said...

I’ve been here too long, the pseudonym Lila Cherry jumped out at me as fast as a summer storm on the Great Plains! Didn’t know ARLES but even our anon’s could have perpped that.

-I am subbing but if you want the sounds of storms, whales, waves crashing, etc. open iTunes/Radio/Ambient/Sounds of Nature. Those sounds play under some lovely new age music
-Joann is starting to realize that some of my FLAWS aren’t intentional or fixable. Dang memory. Everyday my mind is a TABLA RASA
-Plot TWIST? Tell me what’s in the Soylent Green again.
-A lot of my kids shoot air soft guns.
-Knock, knock, who’s there? Olive. Olive you - still works with grandkids!
-If I see a stair RAIL, and no one is looking…
-Name the song with “When you CROON, CROON a tune from the heart of Dixie”
-Ads that say something is FREE should say “at no additional cost”
-SNAGs are what happen while you are trying to live out your planned life
-OMIT - “Neglecting to include” can also be “choosing to not include” at recess time
-Theda has a nice lookin’ asp
-HBD Creature.
-Kids comin’ read y’all later

Anonymous said...


Sana'a is pronounced San-ah

NOT Sana-ah.

Montana said...

Good Monday morning, everyone.

Happy Birthday, Creature!

WBS as well as others. I finished top center, last.

Have a great day,


Lucina said...

Greetings, Argyle and puzzlers.

Happy birthday, Creature! I miss you and hope you'll return soon.

Lila Cherry jumped at me, too and so I SMILEd seeing RICHE. Thank you for the EASY puzzle.

Hand up for STOP IT before STOW IT became apparent.

I've had one Yemeni student and she pronounced the capital SAN-AH.

Catherine the Great was a fascinating EMPRESS who lived large and with enormous appetites for everything!

I liked the combination at the SW corner with JOKE, AXIS, and MYTH.

Nice to see my surname in a puzzle again.

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone! It's mammo day for me.

Dudley said...

Still no sign of life at Cruciverb. Went to Trib instead.

Hand up for Growling before Rumbling. The rest of the puzzle was a Monday breeze.

Husker - what luck that your other half has at last worked out that you can't be fixed! :-) Now, have you had that pedi yet? Don't be bashful.

Anonymous said...

Pleasant Monday walk in the park.

“Never heard of STOWIT”

Vic Tayback as Mel Sharples from “Alice” often exclaimed “Stow it, dinghy!” and “Don’t ring my bell!” Funny as all-get-out.

“Old-time actress Theda : BARA. Don't be late if she's cooking!”

If she’s cooking, and wearing that get-up in the photo, I won’t be eating because I will have lost my appetite.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Nice, easy romp to start the week. Only write-over was stop it before stow it. Thanks, Lily/Rich, and thanks, Argyle, for your write-up.

Cruciverb on the fritz again, so pen and paper to the rescue.

I finally watched last Thursday's TBBT. It was, by far, the silliest, least funny episode in their 6 seasons on the air.

Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

If Lila Cherry is a pseudonym for Rich Norris, is it also a synonym for supplemental income?

CrossEyedDave said...

I was about to state all of the letters i tried to cram into one box at the crossing of 15D & 18A, & none of them made sense. "A" was the last thing i would have believed because i do not believe in words with double A's. (except Aardvark) But if Argyle says it is not a Natick, then who am i to complain?

Happy Birthday Creature! Pls write, so i can know how to customize your next birthday greeting! :)



Steady 80 said...

You'll never get RICHE if you respond to thid JOKE of a commercial. I think they should STOWIT:
"Replicas of a $50 gold piece in 5mg gold or $9.95 + S&H; limit 6; certificates provided for each; earlier numbers for early buyers.' As an incentive a chart is provided for the price of gold ounces, implying that's what you're getting. 5 mg of gold is worth approximately 20 cents. Isn't there a quote re "a fool & his money.........."?

TTP said...

HG, Just reported, the Board of Regents of the Univ of Maryland just announced the approval of the the Terrapins to join the Big Ten. The Scarlett Knights of the State University of New Jersey is also about to join.... New names will be needed. Legends, Leaders, and ? Also, Big (how many?)

Sallie said...

Good morning everyone. It's Monday, so I can say good morning, having finished the puzzle early.

Nice puzzle from our editor. I missed one square: SEA for senora, which was really stupid. Didn't look at it. Therefore RICHE wasn't correct either.

Thanks for your usual good write up, Argyle.

Happy Birthday Creature. We do miss you. Glad for C.C.'s updates.

Off for mammogram.


Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and a great start to turkey day week.
Thanks Argyle for your write up.

To HuskerG , Rockabye your Rockabye baby with a Dixie melody. Sammy Davis Jr. Recording is my favorite and his impersonations show how versatile he was.

Have a great day to all.RJW.

Ron Worden said...

P.S. Happy Birthday to Creature, hope you have a wonderful day.RJW

Anonymous said...

Liked roaring twenties. Crashingbore a little weak. To many abrv. for a monday. Mixing clues usually is in middle to end of the week aint it (8 down 19 across). No abbr. in 4 down clue. Put Dave for 57a down, the stage name of founder of the chipmunks. These were the only FLAWS i observed. Have a great week.

GarlicGal said...

Good morning early birds. I have time to check in this a.m. because I'm working the afternoon shift today.

WEES. A welcomed Monday breeze, especially after yesterday's Sunday LAT. Not a pretty sight.

On a happier note, Sunday my DH and I attended Opera San Jose's production of "Die Fledermaus".What a delightful romp! The music is wonderful, recognizable, hummable (uhoh, spell check!), voices amazing, sets lavish. Gotta love that Strauss guy!

Gotta love our C.C. and Rich, too. Thanks for making the Corner a fun and interesting place to hang out.
HBTY, Mizz Creature!

Off to the shower...

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-QOD restated – Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. We have all known people who could perform a wrong action perfectly and were resistant to change or correction.
-I had a GROWLING STOMACH yesterday but strapped on the guitar and sang anyway.
-Willy LOMAN is my favorite literary character. I know him!
-Dudley, you are so right. I couldn’t find my lunch box or gray sweat pants last night and she “let it go”. I just tell her, “You are married to a flawed human being who is doing the best he can.” I must have some redeeming qualities. No, really! I am a pedicure gutless wonder yet!
-Steady 80, you are so right! Clad in 99.999% of mg. of gold ain’t worth much but “there’s a sucker born every minute!”
-TTP, I read about that and the Omaha World Herald offered the opinion today that flying into D.C. or Newark is cheaper than getting to Lubbock or some other old Big 12 schools. There will soon be only 4 super conferences for football.
-Ron, of course you’re right and Sammy was the best. No one did Mr. Bojangles better!
-No recess duty today! Yippee!

Misty said...

What a RICHE puzzle, Lila--many thanks. And thank goodness this was a speed run and not a bear like some of your Theme-less puzzles that I struggle with in a book of yours. This was a delight and a lovely way to ease into Thanksgiving week. (My goodness, that's three "thanks" in just three sentences. I must have the spirit). Here's a fourth: thank you, too, Argyle, for your great write-up.

And now a last THANKS to the AAA. Took my husband, with caregiver, to therapy last week and when we got out, the car wouldn't start. AAA had a truck there in exactly a half-hour. The fellow diagnosed the problem, charged our battery, told me what to do, and we were on our way in no time. A huge, huge relief and much to be thankful for.

Happy birthday, Creature. And have a good week, everybody.

Pinto said...

The RICHE are RARIN' to LEAVE ARLES because of higher taxes. The richest French citizen is moving to Brussels and the richest residents of Switzerland are all French. Luxury real estate prices in Paris plumment while the same in London rise as many relocate to England.

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Great puzzle! Great Commentary! No SNAGS here and he left us with a SMILE!

AIR GUN: My 12-year-old grandson got a gun that shoots rubber bands with a big box of ammo for his birthday. He and the almost 7-yr-old brother love it. Their Mom was not pleased. The gift came from my other DIL who has four sons. I shudder to think what those four boys will get in retribution.

Well, I bet Theda doesn't cook fried food in that get-up. The spatters would be painful and scar her asp for life.

Happy birthday, Creature! So I was a day early...

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Working the puzzle at the L.A. Times site makes me thankful for Cruciverb - when it's running.

Good theme, and for me pretty much what Barry said, though I never heard of SANA'A.

Stepson Tom and his fam arrived last night and will be with us until FRI. We get all the kids for at least part of the day on Thanksgiving. We'll have 17 for dinner and 22 for desert. That's a lot to be thankful for.

I may or may not be able to check in the rest of the week, depending on how busy things get.

Everyone have a safe and blessed holiday.

Cool regards!

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C., et al,

For an easy Monday there were lots of words that I had never encountered (Sana'a,Tabula Rasa, Esme, Ms Bara-very scary) and I had to WAG oxy/axis to finish the fill.Great puzzle Lila (very silly pseudonym, Rich. Does it match your personality?)

I don't believe I have ever heard or used "stow it"; other phrases come to mind.No wonder, it was popular in 1676...before my time. :-)

C.C. and Rich, I am very thankful for our little corner, and for all of you who make it a comfortable place.

And Creature, we REALLY REALLY miss you. Hopefully you will be resettled soon, and join us again.HBTYouuuuu♪♩♬♫•*¨*•.❤.•*¨*•♫♪•.¸¸.•´♫♪♩♬*¨*`•.♥.•´*♫♪♩♬

Spitzboov said...

For Creature: Some birthday music:

Lang zal ze leven "Long shall she live" by a group of Flemings.

More Happy Birthday

pas de chat said...

"Spami" LOL
Happy Birthday Creature!
Re: Manac's cog video.
japanese project
and this one
For Manac:Google what you want a picture of (I just picked "black cat")then click on "images" and pick something you like. Then....
make jpg

Go to your blogger profile, Edit profile, Profile photo and retrieve the picture you saved

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks Rich.

Pas, very cool Bach video. Why can't I think of things like that?

Happy birthday Creature!

Turkey soup for lunch.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, storm pic access denied?

Trying again

(I wish they would tell you b/4 hand that they do not want you to link it.)

Manac, Re: Cog, the windshield wipers are really creepy! But tires rolling uphill? (0:23)
Pas De Chat, Re: Japanese Project.
Very impressive! But, if a wooden ball falls in the forest, & no one is there to here it, does it still play Bach?

Re: Both clips, no matter how many times i see these types of clips, i have to watch them all the way thru to see what happens next!


Due to recent demand, The Princess Bride will be playing tonight on AMC Cable @ 6pm, & again @ 10pm EST. (& probably all week long)

(I am C.E.D., you overplayed my favorite movie! Prepare to die!)

(actually, i never saw it all the way thru, maybe tonite...)

Al Cyone said...

TTP (@ 10:00 AM): Although Rutgers is the state university of New Jersey, it is invariably known as Rutgers, not the State University of New Jersey.

TTP said...

Hi Al

Yes, I know. It's the old two part trivia question. What is the only State that doesn't have either "Univ of (state name)" or "(state name) State" in the state university name ? New Jersey. The name of the school ? Rutgers.

Like "Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations" Rutgers University, is officially Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

I agree no one really says it that way.

Avg Joe said...

Late today with the short week rushes.

Fun puzzle. No snags, no erasures, Monday appropriate. I looked at that name and a bell went off. Took a long time to remember what it anagrammed as, but it finally hit me.

Hope you have had a wonderful birthday, Creature,

buckeye bob said...

@ Abejo 7:51 AM:

"Argyle, how do you know Lila Cherry is Rich Norris?"

In addition to HeartRx's response at 8:23 AM, notice that "Lila Cherry" is an anagram of "Really Rich"!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Just checking in from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to say hello and gush about the movie Skyfall which we saw yesterday. I give it 5 stars out of 5. The cinematography was breathtaking, the camera angles optimum, the music excellent, the special effects very special but not overdone, and the acting superb. I am now a big Javier Bardem fan. Man oh man he can play a bad guy so well! And nobody but Daniel Craig can do that subtle smile that conveys every so slightly what a twinkling heart he has inside.

Lemonade and Dennis, you have mail.

Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

My daughter agrees with you. She loved Skyfall. And welcome to Arizona!

michele said...

Good Monday to everyone:
I was able to work through this one easily. Haven't we all known one or two CRASHINGBORES?

Thought this one was right on target for a Monday level puzzle.

I am frustrated with the nursing home where a friend who has dementia lives. They aren't changing her clothes or showering her. I helped her change clothes on Saturday since she still had on the same clothes from my Tuesday visit.

Enjoyed all the links today.

lois said...

Good evening, Argyle, CC et al.,
Fast and furious. Great fun. Perps were excellent. Didn’t even realize Bara had an Asp. I didn’t look long enough. Those eyes freaked me out too much to dwell. I wouldn’t stick around long enough to even smell her cooking. God only knows who it would be.

I have proof positive that Tabula RASA is no longer just a natal condition but has now been turned into a ‘lifestyle’! I KNOW these people like H GARY knows LOMAN…LOL. Speaking of which, I had to laugh w/Lo-man, Mr. Big, and Smile all in that southeast party corner. Maybe I need to join that SE ASSN so a little TWISTin’ of his ROTO rooter can unSNAG my JAMmed FREE WAY and perhaps EVEN scratch an ITCH. Wonder if CIO would object.

Jayce: SKYFALL's on my asap list. I envy you being in Phx. My eldest is there and not here. We'll Skype

Creature: Happy Birthday to you. We MYTH you. Take care.

lois said...

Michele, that abuse makes me sick. Document everything as best as you can. Call her family and find out who that nursing home answers to. I'd get her out of there asap then get even, press charges or make complaints everywhere I could. I am so sorry for her and admire you for stepping in. Stuff like that makes me a woman on a mission just lookin' for a fight.

Marge said...

Hi all,

I really messed up on my password, etc. so will start over.

I enjoyed the puzzle, especially the long ones across.

I knew 2D, Shari, but didn't know she was also on Sesame Street.

My daughter and SIL had to take their Chocolate Lab, Stella, to be put down this AM. It is a very hard thing for them but she was so weak and in pain. She was 14 years old.

I guess we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a nice day.


michele said...

Marge, please give my empathy to your family. Our fur family members mean so much and enrich our lives beyond measure.

Lois, I did, I am and they don't know what they are in for just yet!

Bill G. said...

I'm back from my afternoon macchiato. I came across this video that I found just amazing. Incredible birds and photography. I'd say awesome but...
Birds of paradise in New Guinea.

PK said...

Lois, The treatment of a dementia patient is always a concern. You are right to look into this. However, sometimes the patient takes spells of being so difficult, overworked helpers avoid them. My dear sweet once gentle mother seated in a wheel chair kicked me in the head and knocked me on my butt because I wouldn't get her gloves from the bathroom. She didn't have any gloves in the bathroom. I was trying to put her shoes on her feet. She kicked me again because she thought I was trying to steal her shoes. She weighed 220# and her attendants were little 120# girls. Two of them couldn't get her to do anything she didn't want to do. Half an hour later she would seem normal and cooperative.

windhover said...

Happy Birthday to my fellow Ohio River Valley creature, Creature.

Manac said...

Evening all!
Lila Cherry didn't fool me at all.
Wasn't that the name he used on Halloween? Sana'a Has got to be constructor's dream word. Qatar come's to mind also.
Bill G. That link was nice. I love to feed the birds and see what I attract and it's always different every year.
CED. It dawned on me today that is was you who was the one I was trying to joke to with my avatar that doesn't exist. Did you see it? I thought you would get a good chuckle out of it. Ack!

Dennis said...

Very full day, but I wanted to stop by and wish a very Happy Birthday to Creature. Hope you rejoin us soon; your posts are always great.

lois said...

Michele: good for you. I love your starch! I wish you the best and hope to hear how it goes.

PK: You are so right! Man, you had your hands full. I hope you didn't get hurt. I know some patients (dementia and otherwise) can be very difficult. That's why 'thorazine' became overused, to keep the patients sedated and under control (like comatose), but no bath or even a change of clothes for a week? Or lying in a wet stinky bed, or on the floor...just riles my Irish side. I admire those who step up to make things better and fight the noble fight.

Bill G: I LOVE that video. Had to laugh tho' b/c I've seen some of those outrageous dance moves at the high school's dances. Maybe Homecoming Court is short for Homecoming Courtship Dance. If the shoe fits...

Marge: I am so sorry for the loss of your family's pet today. You're all in my thoughts.

Seen said...

Happy Birthday Creature!

Puzzle was good. Argyle was Argyle.(which is steadily excellent) Thanks.

pas de chat said...

Bill G What a great video.
What strange looking birds when they strut their stuff, especially the black one that looks like a scary face. Ooooo

Manac "my avatar that doesn't exist"
Me @ 2:00p.m.
Come on, already! Pick one! LOL

JD said...

Marge, so sorry about your grand pup. They leave a little hole in your heart when they go.

Michele, I love your gusto. Hope it works out. I understand from reading PK's situation where some of that could happen.

Bill, what a dance! Oh, did you watch the "featured" video???hmmm?

Java Mama said...

Good evening, everyone! Chiming in very late, so pretty much WEES about the puzzle. Hand up for GROWLING before RUMBLING STOMACH. I liked seeing the ROARING TWENTIES in the same puzzle with Theda BARA. Her asp-revealing outfit would never have passed muster under the Hays Code a few years later.

Happy Birthday to Creature! May this be the beginning of a great year for you.

One more work day left this week – Hooray! Taking a little extra time off for Thanksgiving; can’t come a minute too soon.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Manac said...

pas de chat
As my wife always told the kids " Don't Poke The bear!!" Just kidding, but I'm Still having problems with it. Don't know what's going on but I can't find an edit profile for my account so I don't worry too much about it. Someday I'll get one of my smart ass kid to figure it out.

PK said...

Michele, I meant to direct my post to you rather than Lois about the dementia, but Lois had also commented so I guess it was to both of you. Good luck, and I hope your friend can get the best care available. It breaks your heart!

Lucina said...

Thank you for that video of the birds of paradise! What remarkable creatures!!

Bill G. said...

Marge, I'm sure sorry about your daughter's dog. It was a sad day when we had to make that last trip to the vet. I'm still not quite over it.

Michelle, I am sympathetic about your friend's situation. Very sad. I went through the same thing with my mother. That was one of the worst periods of my life.

I'm glad you guys liked the Bird of Paradise video. I hope you watched it full screen. The photographty is beautiful.