Aug 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: Monday? - A single word can be added to the front of five other non-related words.

63A. United stand ... and what the first part of the answers to starred clues literally can have: COMMON FRONT

17A. *Cost of shares on the exchange: MARKET PRICE. Common Market.

41A. *U.S./USSR conflict: COLD WAR. Common Cold.

11D. *Element in an executive compensation package: STOCK OPTION. Common Stock.

25D. *Drive to do the responsible thing: SENSE OF DUTY. Common Sense.

27D. *"So long": "GOOD DAY". Common Good.

Argyle here. It may just be me but I felt this was meant to be later in the week.


1. Illusions in a stage act, collectively: MAGIC

6. Muslim leaders: IMAMs

11. Place for a massage: SPA

14. Twist: GNARL

15. French Revolution radical: MARAT. Jean-Paul Marat.

16. Put a strain on: TAX

19. Tip jar denomination: ONE

20. Miffed: SORE

21. Gizmos: DEVICES

23. __ buco: veal dish: OSSO

26. Director Lee: ANG

28. Student's workplace: DESK

29. Guttural "Psst!": "AHEM!"

30. Wedding vows: I DO's

32. Condemn: DOOM

34. Most rational: SANEST

36. Nobel Peace Prize city: OSLO

38. Jack-in-the-box sound: [POP!]

40. Drips in the ICU: IVS. (Intravenous)

43. Give it a go: TRY

44. Witness: SEE

45. Yankee slugger, to fans: A-ROD

46. Area of expertise: MÉTIER. French

48. Sound from Leo: ROAR

50. Twist, as water-damaged floorboards: WARP

52. Sharpen: HONE

53. World Cup soccer org.: FIFA. (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

55. "__-hoo!": YOO

56. 1946 N.L. RBI leader Slaughter: ENOS

57. Part of a chess match when most of the pieces are off the board: END GAME

60. "__ the mornin'!": TOP O'

62. Sch. run by Mormons: BYU. (Brigham Young University)

68. Track transaction: BET

69. Wabbit-hunting Fudd: ELMER

70. Fragrant wood: CEDAR

71. Pig's home: STY

72. Officials who have their faculties: DEANs. Cute.

73. Hit hard, biblically: SMOTE


1. Leo is its logo: MGM

2. California's Santa __ River: ANA

3. Long-jawed fish: GAR

4. Annoying: IRKSOME

5. Egyptian queen, familiarly: CLEO. (Cleopatra VII Philopator)

6. Loom on the horizon: IMPEND

7. St. Patrick's mo.: MARch

8. Very dry: ARID

9. Sprayed in defense: MACED

10. Longshoreman: STEVEDORE

12. Window glass: PANE

13. Lumberjacks' tools: AXES

18. Double agent: TRAITOR

22. Prefix with metric and bar: ISO

23. Desert retreat: OASIS

24. Norelco product: SHAVER

31. U-turn from NNE: SSW

33. Rita with an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy: MORENO. West Side Story's  Anita.

35. Like Al Capone: SCARFACED

37. Ridicule satirically: LAMPOON

39. Combustible funeral piles: PYREs

42. Under a quarter-tank, say: LOW

47. Geometry proposition: THEOREM

49. Bailed-out insurance co.: AIG. (American International Group, Inc)

51. Copter blades: ROTORS

54. Whac-__: arcade game: A-MOLE

57. Diminishes: EBBS

58. Russian denial: "NYET!"

59. Actress Stone of "Birdman": EMMA

61. Low-ranking GIs: PFCs. (Private first class)

64. Guys: MEN

65. Prefix with meter: ODO

66. __ King Cole: NAT

67. Italian three: TRE


Note from C.C.:

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