Dec 6, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 Katherine Stearsy

Theme: Two faced - Both parts of each theme entry can follow "Baby".

17. Bake sale confections made with root veggies: CARROT CAKES. Baby Carrots. Babycakes (term of endearment?)

24. Shine-minimizing makeup layer: FACE POWDER. Babyface. Baby Powder.

34. Wireless networking protocol: BLUETOOTH. Baby Blue (color or song). Baby Tooth.

46. Pop's pop: GRANDDADDY. Baby Grand(piano). Baby Daddy (American sitcom)

55. Driver's alert about an infant, and a hint to what can precede both words of 17-, 24-, 34- and 46-Across: BABY ON BOARD

C.C. here. Saw no draft from Melissa this morning. Hopefully she'll return next Tuesday. Santa Argyle has made progress on this post, so I'll just finish his.

This looks like Katherine's LAT debut. Congratulations! It's challenging to come up with a set of entries where both words can precede or follow. Five themers with a 9 in the middle also added constructing difficulty.


1. Rodent Templeton in "Charlotte's Web," for one: RAT

4. Provide with more than enough: SATIATE. We have SATE more often.

11. Miner's target: ORE

14. Flightless bird: EMU

15. Memorable Greek shipping magnate: ONASSIS (Ari)

16. Aggravate: VEX

19. Finish off: EAT

20. Chance for a hit: AT BAT

21. Asia's __ Darya river: AMU. It flows into Aral Sea. Darya is Persian for "river". We also have 47. Abu __: DHABI. Abu means "father of". I don't know what "Amu" means,

22. Cornstarch brand in a yellow-and-blue container: ARGO

23. Chair or bench: SEAT

27. Harmonious: TUNEFUL

29. Scare: DAUNT

30. Soon-to-be grads.: SRs

31. Vanity cases?: EGOs

33. Plagues: BESETS

36. Degenerate, like Agnew's snobs: EFFETE. Googled afterwards: "effete corps of impudent snobs". Is that Agnew's own words or his speechwriters'?

39. Apt name for a Dalmatian: SPOT

40. Mil. academy: OCS. (Officer Candidate School)

43. Black, in Bordeaux: NOIRE

44. Like the flame at Arlington National Cemetery: ETERNAL

50. Vacation site you might sail to: ISLE

51. Painter Magritte: RENÉ

52. Managed care gp.: HMO. (Health Maintenance Organization)

53. Follow, as advice: ACT ON

54. "Fear the Walking Dead" network: AMC. (originally stood for "American Movie Classics")

58. Peace symbol: VEE

59. Central Texas city: ABILENE

60. Bestow, to Burns: GIE. Scottish variant of give.

61. Chemical suffix with benz-: ENE

62. Cut at an angle: MITERED

63. Always, to Poe: E'ER


1. Finds new players for: RECASTS

2. One who plays without pay: AMATEUR

3. Wrapped headdresses: TURBANS

4. Chimney residue: SOOT. Santa's coat is still clean and nice.

Argyle our dear Santa

5. Colony insect: ANT

6. Tic-toe filler: TAC

7. Father of Jacob and Esau: ISAAC

8. Words on a volunteer's badge: [ASK ME]

9. Highway headache: TIE-UP

10. Half a figure eight: ESS. Great clue. 8

11. Late in arriving: OVERDUE

12. Substance used for chemical analysis: REAGENT

13. Obtains via coercion, as money: EXTORTS. Did you all see Jennifer Aniston's "Derailed"? Really scary.

18. Part of APR: RATE

22. Knee-deep (in): AWASH

24. Bach work: FUGUE

25. Therapeutic plant: ALOE

26. Prince Siegfried's beloved, in "Swan Lake": ODETTE

28. Like pool tables: FELTED

32. Ave. crossers: STs

33. Swag: BOOTY

34. Suisse capital: BERNE. We just had BERN yesterday.

35. Newspaper page with views: OP-ED

36. Personalize at the jeweler's: ENGRAVE. Oh I don't have a personalized jewelry item. But look at this street. It's in Siren, Wisconsin. The road is named after Bill Burnikel, Boomer's great-uncle, who had a farm there.

37. Work site supervisors: FOREMEN

38. Bride-to-be: FIANCEE

40. Performing in a theater: ON STAGE

41. Dieter's unit: CALORIE. Followed by 42. Thin: SLENDER

45. Man who "wore a diamond," in "Copacabana": RICO

48. Realm of influence: AMBIT. Not a word I use.

49. Holmes' creator: DOYLE

53. Still sleeping: ABED

55. "Kapow!": BAM

56. "__ the land of the free ... ": O'ER

57. SSW's opposite: NNE

Happy Birthday to dear Lucina, whose posts are always cheerful and upbeat. Lucina has also traveled extensively and met with many blog regulars, including Windhover and me.
Windhover & Lucina, July 24, 2015