May 6, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016, C.C. Burnikel

Title: Colour me happy.

I have blogged for almost six years now and C.C. has 127 solo puzzles published in the LAT in the last 4 years, but this is only my second solo C.C. Friday. The first was the outstanding Poet's Corner puzzle in 2014. Today is quite tame by comparison, and like last weeks JW, primarily a fun puzzle. The simple concept of phrases including words which sound like colors is brought together by the rare Friday reveal. Once again she builds her grid in a pin wheel fashion with the reveal in the southeast. No long fill, but some interesting intermediate fill like STACHE,  OH DARN,  OGRESS, GASHED,  B B KING,  SPREES,  BOASTS, FAINTS, ANEMIA,  HEFNER,  ENGAGE, PAWNEE, SCENERY, EPITHET,  SINCERE,  LET ME GO, HOW'S THAT. All this from our transplanted fearless leader...amazing.

17A. *Lost it : BLEW A FUSE (9). New fill to the LAT, yet very common.

60A. *Entertained the kids, in a way : READ ALOUD (9). Also new.

11D. *"Bonanza" star : LORNE GREENE (11). I had the pleasure of meeting him at a charity tennis match in Boca.

25D. *Cottage site in the Beatles' "When I'm Sixty-Four" : ISLE OF WIGHT (11). I did not know this but I bet Steve and NC did.
And the reveal.

41D. Risqué ... and what each answer to a starred clue contains? : OFF COLOR (8).


1. Trellis pieces : LATHS. THIS always confused me, but I learned a trellis can be made of lattice. Splynter, help?

6. "Ideas worth spreading" acronym : TEDTechnology, Entertainment, Design

9. Runs out : BOLTS.

14. Eponym of a United Kingdom poetry prize : ELIOT. It is obvious many here share my love of Poetry and PRIZES.

15. Schooner filler : ALE.

16. Walking the dog, e.g. : CHORE. I was thinking about yoyos.

19. Storage place : CD-ROM. Oh these modern times.

20. Play set : SCENERY.

22. Nonpro? : ANTI. Ifn you aint fer it, your agin it.

23. Man's best friend, e.g. : EPITHET. They can be nice like that or  they can be bad. It is a sobriquet, a nickname, a title, a label, a description etc. Fittingly a lead in to...52D. Animal that's been a Japanese Natural Monument since 1931 : AKITA. An amazing STORY.

26. Fiona, after Shrek's kiss : OGRESS. Nit polic, Fiona was always an Ogress, the spell which made her look like a human was broken by the kiss.

28. Cut deeply : GASHED. But literally and metaphorically.

29. "Blues on the Bayou" musician : B. B. KING. An album and a song...RIP B.B.

31. Spanish pronoun : ELLA.

32. Overindulgent outings : SPREES. A binge.

34. Stranded messenger : RNA. Nice strand pun.

37. Handle : SEE TO. Make it so....

39. Mr. Potato Head piece : EAR. Followed by the anthropomorphic...

40. Front-wheel alignment : TOE IN. Know your TOE or you will be towed.

42. Unduly : TOO. Not unduly hard.

43. Possesses with pride : BOASTS.

46. Deflect, with "off" : FEND.

47. Passes out : FAINTS.

49. "The Girls Next Door" co-creator : HEFNER.  PLAYBOY meets reality tv.

51. Fictional Indiana town in "Parks and Recreation" : PAWNEE. You can READ or watch

53. Genuine : SINCERE. Like the...

54. Dust Bowl migrant : OKIE.

55. Release request : LET ME GO.

58. Summation symbol, in math : SIGMA. You all get this, RIGHT?

64. Moral principle : ETHIC.

65. Scar, say : MAR.

66. Thorny evergreen : GORSE.

67. Occupied, as a desk : SAT AT.

68. Museum pieces : ART.

69. Vertical : ERECT.


1. Its natl. emblem is the cedar tree : LEBanon. Fun with flags. The cedars of Lebanon are mentioned often in the Bible.

2. Every drop : ALL.

3. 20-20, e.g. : TIE. Not perfect vision; not a tv show. good misdirection.

4. ''What do you think?'' : HOW'S THAT? Often heard while you try to hang a picture.

5. What one might have with milk, briefly? : 'STACHE. Got Milk? Who was your favorite?

6. Needle : TAUNT.

7. Different : ELSE. She was something....

8. Road sign image : DEER. How do they know where to cross?

9. Email option, for short : BCC. Now blind courtesy copy.

10. "Shoot!" : OH DARN.

12. Brings (out) : TROTS. And then to make the disastrous evening complete, they trotted out their vacation pics.

13. Late round : SEMIS.

18. Satellite broadcasts : FEEDS.

21. Team connection : YOKE. Poor oxen, the yoke is always on them.

23. Get rid of : EGEST. Opposite of ingest. Seriously.

24. Retro diet, to put it mildly : PALEO. The word is from Greek palaios meaning ‘ancient.' The idea is to eat like early man, no processed foods etc, Since their life expectancy was about 30....

27. Kernel : GIST.

29. Leadership : BRASS.

30. Hall of Fame pitcher Blyleven : BERT. Of course C. C. would slip in a baseball payer from Minnesota, what a curve ball. He was born in the Netherlands and coached their pitchers in the new world event.

33. Organic fuel : PEAT. Major heating fuel in the Highlands, I have read.

35. Bay Area pro : NINER. We got our morning weather girl from the 49ers

36. Court rival of Pete : ANDRE. Sampras and Agassi.

38. Village Voice award : OBIE Off-Broadway.  LINK.

44. Law school newbie : ONE L. We did not use this in my day.

45. Drew back : SHIED.

48. Lack of get-up-and-go : ANEMIA. I had the ferrous oxide recently.

50. Hold rapt : ENGAGE.

51. Puts forward : POSES. Say you are stuck on a desert island, who do you want there with you?
If you answer, "my spouse" you are...

53. Quick on the uptake : SMART.

56. Humorous Bombeck : ERMA.

57. Sewer's concern : TEAR. One who sews.
59. Play : ACT.

61. Natural resource : ORE.

62. L.A. school : USC. University of Southern California.

63. LAPD rank : DETective.

C.C. makes it all seem so easy; I hope you had fun and Happy Mother's day to all.

Lemonade out.